V.4.4.1 Güncelleme Notları - 08.08.2016


NEW Features

  • Demo Mode

       Demo mode provides you to an enhanced test environment of reports, dashboard and alerts without adding a real source.


  • Mini Query

       This feature provides you a quick query call from predefined templates. You don't have to type long queries by using the mini queries that prepared before.You can also add other mini queries.


  • Fieldsets

       With predefined fieldsets, you can set the report filters with one click. This helps you set the report filter columns and result filters by one click. Also you can add your own fieldsets.


  • Welcome Dashboard

       Logsign shows you welcome dashboard after first login.



NEW Predefined Configs

  • New Predefined Alert Blocks and Alert Rules



  • New Predefined Alert Lists (Assets and Behaviours)



  • New Predefined-Installable Dashboards



  • New Dashboard Widgets


  • New Predefined Delegation Profiles




NEW Plugin Integrations and Updates

  • Lastline plugin added
  • ProofPoint plugin added
  • Zimbra Mail Server plugin update
  • Amazon S3 normalization update
  • WMI normalization update
  • Core FTP normalization update
  • 3CX normalization update
  • FileZilla normalization update
  • MSSQL Server plugin update
  • Sonicwall plugin update
  • Infoblox plugin update
  • Cisco Meraki normalization update
  • SpamTitan/Postfix normalization update
  • Fortigate normalization update
  • Microsoft IAS plugin update
  • Microsoft TMG plugin update
  • Avaya office ip normalization update
  • Mikrotik plugin update (Web)
  • Symantec BrightMail normalization update


General UI Development and Features Add-Updates

  • Map widget redesigned
  • Lists redesigned
  • Alerts redesigned
  • Dashboards redesigned
  • Reputation redesigned
  • Logsign tips rewrite
  • Search filter interface update
  • Tags for lists added
  • Configuration management redesigned
  • Login page redesigned
  • Html optimizations for lists interface
  • Html optimizations for reports interface
  • Reports, alerts and lists are sorting alfabatically
  • Escape key to close search popover
  • Schedule form redesigned
  • All health check notifications are closed on the header
  • Header redesigned
  • Widget color arrangements
  • Report, alert and list filters redesigned
  • Unique and value columns calculation feature added to grouped-plus reports
  • Number ticker widget redesigned
  • External regex support for syslog in data policy
  • Field redundancy condition support added
  • All Severity colors redesigned
  • All Font types redesigned
  • Email templates redesigned
  • Graphic libraries upgraded
  • Data management interface updated
  • Memory optimizations for Logsign services(backend)
  • Maximum line length added to Logsign pollers



NEW Hotspot Integration

  • Extreme Networks


NEW Hotspot Features

  • Multiple LDAP Server support
  • Multiple Web Protocol Support(Http-Https/TLS Mode On)


Hotspot Bug Fixes

  • Logsign Standalone Hotspot configuration bug fixed
  • Disable button bug fixed when sponsor approval
  • With LDAP Server auth cleartext data bug fixed


General Some Bug Fixes

  • Logsign events index mapping fixed
  • Pdf interface bug fixed
  • Html interface bug fixed
  • Widget interfaces bug fixed
  • Delegation bug fixed
  • Default sms settings bug fixed
  • Current password required for changing password bug fixed
  • Widgets refresh bug fixed
  • Grouped data widget label badge fixed
  • Pdf export backend bug fixed
  • All poller types works with modifiers
  • Smb poller bug fixed


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