V.4.4.153 Güncelleme Notları - 16/02/2017

New Plugin-Normalization
  • OpenVAS plugin-normalization added.
Plugin and Normalization Updates
  • Fortigate FW EventMapping updated
  • Watchguard FW EventMapping updated
  • Logsign .csv files plugin updated
  • FreeRadius plugin updated(for sftp prefix)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 plugin updated
  • Cisco WLC normalization and plugin updated.
General Corrections and Improvements
For Alerts Module
  • Contains and Not Contains functions are added to all Assets and Behaviours types (static list, state tracker etc.)
For Dashboard
  • Date and time informations has been added to the histogram widget on Welcome Dashboard.
  • The filter problem while passing to search screen from scatter widget is resolved.
For Reports and Analysis Menu
  • The order feature on report blocks page is fixed.
For Search Menu
  • Insignificant queries that changes elasticsearch status to yellow state has been handled.
For General UI and Configuration Settings
  • Denied network range has been added to UI Permissions.
  • The feature of sending alert mail is added to Health check notifications while changing from red to green state.
  • The skills of device filter field on source list have been extended.
  • WMI poller log collecting skilss have been extended. (for all Windows application logs)
In addition;
  • In this release, some ubuntu packages are updated.
  • Contains update packages that fix system stability for Logsign.
  • Also some minor bugs were fixed.

*We recommend you to make this update.

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