V.4.4.141 Güncelleme Notları - 03/02/2017

Plugin and Normalization Updates
  • Cisco ASA plugin updated
  • Infoblox normalization updated
General Corrections and Improvements
UI Settings
  • Network Interface Permissions config redeployed( at Logsign Web Interface: Settings/Delegation/UI Permissions)
  • Tubitak Time Stamp config redeployed for FTP settings
Alert Module
  • Modifier option will be off as default in static lists and the value of the list will be invisible
  • Passport no and approver sponsor mail address will be shown in hotspot user table
  • For the flow and state tracker list types, there has been added disable control.
  • Edit MAC Address form re-designed on Hotspot login page
  • The online MAC address will be offline after it's deleted on Edit MAC Address page.
In addition;
  • In this release, some ubuntu packages are updated.
  • Contains update packages that fix system stability for Logsign.
  • Also some minor bugs were fixed.

*We recommend you to make this update.

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