V.4.4.136 Güncelleme Notları - 19/01/2017


NEW Plugin Integrations and Normalizations

  • Mojo AP plugin added
  • Scada/Cisco router plugin added
  • Tp-Link MR200 plugin added
  • Arbor DDoS Protection plugin/normalization added
  • Palo Alto Traps Endpoint Protection normalization added
  • Cisco WLC normalization added
  • WebSense Email Security Gateway normalization added
  • Riverbed plugin/normalization added
  • Symantec Web Gateway normalization added
  • Kaspersky Security Center normalization added


Plugin & Normalization - EventMapping Updates
  • PaloAlto Fw plugin updated
  • Cyberoam Fw EventMapping updated
  • Ruckus Cloudpath normalization updated


General Development and Feature Add/Updates
  • Some predefined Alerts, Assets and Behaviour Lists's config updated
  • Ldap bucket config updated
  • The problem on indexing of the Assets and Behaviour lists is fixed
  • Alarmflow service optimized
  • Alert’s timezone config updated
  • A new modifier support added from state_tracker indices
  • Custom date range support added on schedule reports menu
  • Syslog-collector optimized
  • EPS wait time support got to for MSSQL
  • Netflow location columns added
  • Log zip method changed to gzip in the default configuration
  • Utf-8 decode problem fixed for MSSQL
  • Single report schedule bug fixed


General Hotspot Development and Feature Add/Updates

  • The page that hotspot users can see their quota usage and can disconnect themselves has been designed.
  • If a package that set to a user deleted, that package will be removed from the user anymore.
  • For terms of use, there has been designed an open/close pop-up page.
  • There has been added custom fields (age, gender, resident etc.) for the users to add different informations.
  • The other custom fields can be polled from external database about user informations. (gsm number, email, gender etc.)
  • Notifications can be sent to users' gsm number if their quota usage finished (works with the devices supported Rate Limiting)
  • The problem that arises when manual MAC address added is fixed.


*Furthermore, in this release, some Ubuntu packages are updated. Contains update packages that fix system stability for Logsign. Also some minor bugs were fixed.

**We recommend you to make this update.

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