V.4.5.679 Release Notes - 21/11/2019


  • (New) Added the Vandyke Server plugin
  • (New) Added the NXLog plugin (Now supports only JSON format)
  • (New) Added the SAP Netweaver Security plugin
  • (New) Added the Extreme S-Series Switch plugin
  • (New) Added the MongoDB Audit plugin
  • (New) Added the Nagios XI plugin
  • (New) Added the 4ipnet Wlan Gateway Controller plugin
  • (New) Added the Symantec DLP plugin
  • (New) Added the Google GSuite API plugin
  • Updated the Imperva Secure Sphere plugin
  • Updated the Manage Engine AD AuditPlus
  • Updated the Aruba Clearpass plugin
  • Updated the Bluecoat Proxysg plugin
  • Updated the CheckPoint Log-Exporter plugin
  • Updated the Kaspersky Security Center for new time format
  • Updated the Symantec Brightmail plugin
  • Updated the PaloAlto Firewall mapping
  • Updated the Aruba Controller plugin Event Mapping
  • Updated the WMI ms2003 Event Mapping
  • Updated the Linux Auth plugin
  • Updated the symantec Endpoint Category name
  • Updated the Checkpoint LEA plugin
  • Updated the Brocade IronWare plugin
  • Updated the WMI Print Service plugin
  • Updated the TitanFTP FtpServer plugin
  • Updated the WMI parser replace known keys
  • Updated the Linux Iptables parse fixed
  • Updated the Aruba Controller plugin
  • Updated the pfSense plugin (parse fix for squid format)
  • Updated the General Event Map IDs library
  • Updated the Forcepoint DLP plugin
  • Updated the Gsuite cluster support and position index default mapping
  • Updated the Forcepoint API delete request
  • Updated the VMware vCenter plugin

Data Management

  • (New) Added Set Details column option (To see Details Columns in Search Screen)


  • (New) Added Multiple automation support for alert
  • (New) Added custom email template and other user support for alerts
  • (New) Added startsWith-endsWith func added to alert rules
  • (New) Added Mitre, SoarConnector and Incident Columns added to alert output

General Corrections and Improvements

  • (New) Added Health Check Notification other mail and gsm number support

In addition, this release may contain:

- Update packages that fix system stability for Logsign
- Update packages for Ubuntu OS

*We recommend you to make this update

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