V.4.5.515 Release Notes - 12/07/2018


  • Updated the Symantec/Advanced Threat Protection plugin
  • Updated the Fortinet/FortiGate plugin
  • Updated the Fortinet/FortiWeb plugin
  • Updated the F5/Load Balancer plugin
  • Updated the Cisco/WLC plugin
  • Updated the WMI poller plugin

General Corrections and Improvements

  • Added multiline support for SMB poller
  • Optimized the Threat Intelligence
  • Optimized the Syslog collector for UTF-8 encoding
  • Updated the FortiGate register message in Custom Action Devices
  • Updated the default Hadoop cluster name
  • Updated the max line length as 2048 for MSSQL poller
  • Fixed the FortiGate form bug in Custom Action Devices
  • Fixed the Oracle poller bug
  • Fixed the flowd infinite loop error
  • Fixed the bug that caused web page redirection to fail when transition from HTTPS to HTTP as UI access protocol
  • Fixed the bug that caused the entered passwords for the default users (admin/iadmin) on welcome window not to valid after the installation.(At the password configuration phase just after the Logsign installation)


  • Updated the predefined dashboards
  • Fixed the Dashboard module label

Reports and Analysis

  • Updated the predefined reports
  • Fixed the schedule report form bug


  • Updated the predefined Alerts (Alert Rules)
  • Updated the predefined Lists (Assets and Behaviours)


  • Added configuration check related with the User Ban action
  • Added the user approval control for related actions
  • Updated the 'corrupted sessions' option
  • Fixed the bug that caused excel and pdf reports not to be exported in hotspot reports
  • Fixed the bug occurred when HTTPS activated caused Hotspot not to work

Data Input

  • Updated the source list page (increased the maximum number of devices displaying per page to 300)
  • Removed the Modifier feature
  • Fixed the bug that caused the data policy not to remove in source edit page

Data Management

  • (New) Added 'Unknown Sources' graphic to EPS stats (For the devices which sending data to Logsign but are not currently being in the device list)
  • Updated the IP Reputation. (when a matching case with the IP reputation DB, the info(s) are added into related events/logs at log enrichment layer; they not generated as additional/seperate events.(Related columns are Intelligence.IP, Intelligence.Info, Intelligence.ListID and Intelligence.Type)


In addition, this release may contain:
- Update packages that fix system stability for Logsign
- Update packages for Ubuntu OS
*We recommend you to make this update
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