V.4.5.490 Release Notes - 11/05/2018


  • (New) Added the Logsign SIEM plugin
  • Updated the Microsoft IIS Server plugin
  • Updated the Mcafee Email Gateway plugin
  • Updated the Cyberoam Firewall plugin
  • Updated the Linux Auth plugin

General Corrections and Improvements

  • (New) Added the Custom Action manual request support
  • Fixed the Elasticsearch default mapping bug
  • Fixed the Zookeeper bug in cluster apply plan


  • (New) Added the Alerts redirection support to Persist service (Alerts which generated at a certain time interval in past are able to be brought back by using reindex feature)
  • Updated the Alert SMS template

Data Input

  • Fixed the bug that caused incorrect redirection from device list to search page

Data Management

  • (New) Added OR statement support to reindex query
    (e.g. Source.IP:[ OR])


In addition, this release may contain:
- Update packages that fix system stability for Logsign
- Update packages for Ubuntu OS
*We recommend you to make this update
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