V.4.5.478 Release Notes - 02/05/2018


  • (New) Added the Cisco/Sourcefire plugin
  • (New) Added the Esri/ArcGIS plugin
  • (New) Added the NTI/Enviromux plugin
  • (New) Added the ForeScout/CounterACT plugin
  • Updated the Fortinet/Fortigate plugin
  • Updated the Linux/BIND plugin
  • Updated the Linux/DHCP plugin
  • Updated the Microsoft/Exchange Server 2010 plugin
  • Updated the Microsoft/DHCP Server plugin
  • Updated the Microsoft/IIS Server plugin
  • Updated the Aruba/ClearPass plugin
  • Updated the Cisco/ASA plugin
  • Updated the Cisco/Switch plugin
  • Updated the Cisco/Ironport Web Security plugin
  • Updated the Cisco/FirePOWER plugin
  • Updated the Checkpoint plugin
  • Updated the Comodo/Korumail plugin
  • Updated the Websense/Email Security Gateway plugin
  • Updated the WMI plugin
  • Updated the Huawei/Switch plugin
  • Updated the Atlassian/Web Server plugin
  • Updated the Perkotek/PDKS plugin
  • Updated the Elasticsearch plugin

General Corrections and Improvements

  • (New) Added custom port support to security automation (Custom Action Devices)
  • (New) Added MSSQL schema support
  • Added Cookie data encryption to UI
  • Updated the log representation in UI
  • Updated the Checkpoint poller dependency
  • Updated the Elasticsearch logging policy
  • Optimised the WMI poller
  • Optimised the MSSQL poller
  • Fixed the WMI form bug
  • Fixed the bug that caused html tags to be showed up when typing into the input fields in search filter
  • Fixed the namenode health-check bug
  • Fixed a bug in SFTP poller
  • Fixed a bug related to Logsign Persist service in cluster systems
  • Fixed the position format bug in MSSQL poller
  • Fixed a bug related to disk status in health-check
  • Fixed the health-check url bug


  • Added delete confirmation dialogue box for dashboard widgets
  • Added minute options to widget index time
  • Updated the predefined dashboards

Reports & Analysis

  • Updated the predefined reports


  • Optimised the alarm cache that may be caused alarm cache poisoning
  • Updated the predefined Alerts (Alert Rules)
  • Updated the predefined Lists and Tags (Assets and Behaviours)
  • Fixed the alerts URL bug

Data Input

  • Fixed the validation bug in Lookup Table
  • Removed the SNMP source type from Add New Device list


In addition, this release may contain:
- Update packages that fix system stability for Logsign
- Update packages for Ubuntu OS
*We recommend you to make this update
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