V.4.5.381 Release Notes - 15/01/2018


  • Updated Paloalto Firewall plugin
  • Updated Eset Endpoint plugin
  • (New)  TrendMicro Deep Discovery Inspector plugin
  • Updated TrendMicro Deep Security plugin
  • (New)  Fortinet FortiAuthenticator plugin
  • Updated Juniper SRX Firewall (junos) plugin
  • Updated Sonicwall Firewall plugin
  • Updated Checkpoint LEA plugin
  • Updated pfSense Firewall plugin
  • Updated Websense Web Security plugin
  • Updated Arbor Pravail Aps plugin
  • (New)  Added Extreme NAC plugin
  • Updated Aruba Controller plugin
  • Updated Cisco Meraki MR plugin
  • Updated Cisco ISE plugin
  • (New)  CoSoSys Endpoint Protector plugin
  • Updated Microsoft Exchange 2016 plugin
  • Updated Microsoft Exchange 2013 plugin
  • Updated Microsoft Exchange 2010 plugin
  • (New)  Added AfterLogic WebMail plugin
  • Updated Postfix Mail Server plugin
  • (New)  Barracuda E-mail Gateway plugin
  • Updated Apache Web Server plugin
  • Updated Arvento plugin (API)
  • (New)  Added Alcatel OmniSwitch plugin
  • Updated ZTE Router plugin

General Corrections and Improvements

  • Optimized WMI poller (impacket library update)
  • Updated search, list and alert representations in search interface
  • Updated W3C parser for Microsoft Exhange & IIS
  • Fixed session timeout bug (randomly logout problem)
  • Updated notifications in some forms
  • Fixed UI permissions form bug
  • Removed General Settings - Status menu
  • Query timeout extended (for all querying processes)
  • (New) Added Fortigate integration support to Custom Action Devices
  • (New) Added Syslog TLS support
  • Updated health-check mail templates
  • Updated result columns in Search page
  • Fixed WMI 2003 offset bug
  • (New) Added WMI unicode support

Data Input Module

  • (New) Added credential apply feature to 'User Credentials' so that saved user credential entries can be able to assigned to any source
  • (New) Added sFlow support to Flow which is one of source/device entries
  • (New) Added hostname connection support to WMI poller

Delegation Module

  • Mail settings password store has been encrypted

Data Management Module

  • Updated EPS Stats interface
  • Fixed reindex query match count bug
  • (New) Added unicode support to reindex procedure

Reports & Analysis Section

  • (New) Added HTML export feature to table report type
  • (New) Added 'Add New Block' feature into 'New Report' form so it's not required to exit out of the form to create a new report block
  • Fixed Excel report export issue
  • Fixed Schedule report date range bug (Caused reports not to only contain the configured date data, in addition, a different day data)

Alerts Section

  • Updated 'New Alert Rule' add-edit form
  • Updated Alert mapping
  • Fixed alert off hours bug (in case of selecting Custom entry in Run field in Rule Set section in new alert rule page with Advanced Mode)

Hotspot Section

  • Fixed Mikrotik rate limit bug
  • Updated Radius for Ubuntu 16.04
  • Fixed black list view bug


In addition, this release may be contains:

- Update packages that fix system stability for Logsign
- Update packages for Ubuntu OS

*We recommend you to make this update

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