V.4.4.108 Release Notes - 23/11/2016

Plugin & Mapping - Normalization Updates:
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection normalization updated
  • Extreme Networks WLC plugin updated
  • Juniper SRX plugin updated
  • Pulse Connect Secure normalization updated
  • Pulse Connect Secure plugin modified
  • McAfee Web Gateway plugin URL columns updated
  • TrendMicro IMSVA plugin updated
  • Linux DHCP log format modified
  • Proofpoint "Filter.log" normalization added
NEW Features and General Development:
  • Logsign EPS Stats menu modified. Time and date range features added.
  • Source stats feature added to device list menu
  • A new MSSQL Server integration method added with DB views
  • MSSQL Action Events mapping added to MSSQL Server integration with WMI
  • Flow socket support Demo_Mode(Log Generator)
  • Logsign persist service expression config modified
  • In Search menu, view of array typed Behaviour and Context columns are fixed.
NEW Hotspot Integration:
  • Mojo Network 
NEW Hotspot Features:
  • Hotspot events monitoring feature added to Troubleshooting menu
  • In hotspot, a feature added to prevent a user to login in another location if the user registered in a different location. The locations are isolated. (Check Profile Control Feature)
  • In the registration form on welcome page, adding custom fields features is provided.
  • User List page re-designed.(Column based order-grouped skill, all columns were selectable on user list table)
  • To use captive portal as https, there added a new selection on Secure Access menu.
  • Sponsor confirmation page redirect to custom ports
  • Direct e-mail address field added to authentication with sponsor
  • A new integration method added for Fortigate with a new Replacement Messages
General Some Bug Fixes:
  • Run Time settings bug fixed in alert module
  • Bucket queue fixed
  • SMS settings bug fixed
  • WMI messages parse bug fixed
  • Html interface bug fixed
  • Widget interfaces bug fixed
  • Delegation module bug fixed
  • Hotspot - Online User count bug fixed
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