V.4.4.89 Release Notes - 15/10/2016

NEW Plugin Integrations: 
  • OSSEC HIDS plugin added
  • TACACS Server plugin added
  • TradeSoft GTP plugin added
  • Trend Micro IMSVA plugin added
  • Oracle Communications Messaging Server plugin added
Plugin & Mapping - Normalization Updates:
  • Sonicwall Event Mapping updated
  • PaloAlto plugin updated
  • McAfee Web Gateway normalization updated
  • PaloAlto custom action devices integration updated
  • PfSense normalization updated
  • WebSense EventMapping updated
General Development and Features Add-Updates:
  • Assets and Behavior List and Alerts Rules List updated
  • Alert mute, exclusion lists and co-managed action fields added to alert configuration.
  • List Wizard validation rules updated
  • Port range feature added to static lists


  • Dashboard(Identity Category), Mini queries and Reports updated
  • Welcome Dashboard wizard re-designed
  • Dashboard all widget samples visualization updated
  • Some Dashboard widgets bug fixed


  • There created new index for reindex logs in Elasticsearch.
  • Reindex log viewing feature added to reports. (A new index type field added as reindex to view reindexed logs in reports.)
  • All predefined reports re-created with mini queries
  • Schedule skill for table reports too
  • Delegation Module updated
  • SFTP integration config modified
  • Persist zips immediately is active in the default configuration(For efficient disk capacity and stability)
  • Source List pagination size made 50
  • Company Information menu moved to Data Management Menu
  • Some bugs fixed in alert module(for predefined alert rules, buckets and new configs)
NEW Hotspot Features and Updates:
  • Some form fields made selectable read-only at Sponsor confirmation page
  • Login Failed Limit got to for sign up with LDAP
  • Location based profile assigned for Multiple LDAP
  • Sign Up with Passport Number(No verify)
  • Delete User Last Login Time Range
  • Package based MAC Authentication skill
  • Rate Limiting and second rate limiting features added with fair quota usage for Extreme Network Device
  • Fortigate SNMP config modified
  • Some small bugs fixed in Hotspot Module
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