V.4.2.650 Release Notes - 04/02/2016

v. 4.2.650 

New Integrations

  • Cisco Meraki Hotspot Integration

        Hotspot integration with the vendor of Cisco Meraki has been added.


  • Linux LDAP Authentication

        Linux Ldap integration has been provided to access to web interface and to authenticate in hotspot module.


New Features

  • Exit Log Details by Using ESC Button

        In Search menu, the log detail window that occurs when the log is clicked, can be closed by pressing ESC button anymore.


  • Search by Report Name Feature

        In Report and Analysis menu, in addition to search by report blocks option, searching by report name feature has been added.


  • Duplicate Feature for Installed Reports

        There has been added a duplicate feature to the installed report blocks without any affect to already installed reports.


  • Drag&Drop Ability to Reports and Report Blocks

       In Reports and Analysis menu, all the reports and report blocks can be dragged & dropped into desired order.


  • Install Dashboard

        In dashboard menu, the predefined dashboard templates can be installed as in the reports menu.


  • Dashboard – Add Category Feature

       To categorize the custom dashboards, Add Category button has been added.


  • Order Ability to Dashboard Widgets

       To order the results in the widgets with different ways (count, reverse count, term etc.), new fields were added to the widget types.


  • Create Time on Dashboards

        Viewing the create time info of the custom dashboards is provided.


  • Hotspot – Location Based Session Time Limiting

        For separate locations, custom session time limiting feature has been added.



  • Delegation Module – User Management Page

        In User Management list, page form crash problem after assigning profiles to users has been resolved.


  • Report Profile Labels

       The profile label sizes below the report names have been modified and optimized.


  • Sum Column Export Problem on Grouped Plus Reports

        In the reports with the type of grouped plus, the export problem when the sum column mappings are double or string has been solved.


  • Line Count Caused Export Problem on Grouped Plus Reports

        In exported grouped plus typed reports, calculation problem when the report line count is over a specific count has been resolved.


  • Online User List with Standalone Hotspot

        In standalone hotspot used systems, empty online user list problem has been resolved.


  • Event Count View on Exported HTML Reports

        In exported html reports, event count values will be viewed at the beginning of the lines anymore.

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