Microsoft IAS Integration

Microsoft IAS Integration 

Internet Authentication Service (IAS) is the Microsoft implementation of a Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) server and proxy. RADIUS is an industry standard for the client-server protocol.

Note:Internet Authentication Service (IAS) was renamed Network Policy Server (NPS) starting with Windows Server 2008.


Microsoft IAS Integration

1. Go to Accounting > Change Log File Properties


2. In the Log File Properties, Set the log file format as IAS(Legacy) and NPS log file path as C:\Windows\system32\LogFiles


Logsign Integration

1. Go to Settings > Device List > Add New source


2. Select SMB 

3. First, Assign the Host and Username and password of Micro IAS server and click Check connection button, then You will see the fields as below. Please assign required information as below.





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