V.4.2.582 Release Notes - 27/11/2015


New Features

  • PaloAlto integration is implemented. The alert rules that provide PaloAlto devices to take policy actions can be added.
  • To choose graph types in grouped plus reports is provided.
  • Integration with Peplink InControl devices is implemented. The logs that belong to InControl devices are normalized. There can be added reports or alert rules with these logs.
  • Watchguard integration is renewed.
  • Dashboard query time interval can be chosen up to one year.


  • SMS sending problem is solved in health check services.
  • Scheduling the grouped or grouped plus reports that contain Turkish characters is provided anymore.
  • Empty result problem of grouped plus reports in web interface is solved.
  • In health check services, persistently sending mail problem is resolved.
  • In Content Settings tab of custom dashboards, refresh time field is translated to English from Turkish. 
  • The problem of approval for empty license forms is resolved.
  • In web interface, General Settings > Services menu name is changed as Secure Access.
  • If the nas device is reset, the session of online users were suspended in hotspot. This problem is resolved.
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