Creating Dashboard Profiles

Creating Dashboard Profiles


Custom Dashboard, like custom report, are grouped into dashboard profiles, and listed under the Dashboard interface category. In Delegation class, custom Dashboard Profiles can be created and contain a combination of Edit and Delete dashboard functions. Each group of dashboard displays only that information corresponding to the host group assigned to the profile. The default dashboard profile is ‘All Groups’ and this profile is also editable like custom dashboard profiles.

Adding and Editing Dashboard Profiles

Dashboards are simply collections of widgets that allow you to quickly visualize your data. Applying dashboard profile to the user account means authorizing the managers to access the only corresponding data. If you are an administrator restricting data information is good to improve your system security. Now. let's take a look the process of creating a dashboard profile.

1. Go to Settings > Delegation > Dashboard Profiles and you will see the Default Profiles. In the red box, There are property status of each profiles like Report Profiles. 


2. It is the tern to create a brand new profile. Click "Add Profile" button on the top right side of Dashboard Profiles List and provide information according to your profile plan.


Now, when you add custom dashboard, the right to access dashboard will be restricted by registered profile (profiles are able to be added more than one).


According to the user account which has a certain profile, custom dashboard will be differently presented but default profiles such as system, and integration will be shown to any user in common.

- Interface of User who has only Sample_write profile

-Administrator Interface


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