Delegation Introduction

If you are the administrator of Logsign you can refer this article as below.

Delegation is just what you would think it is: delegating permissions to a specified user or group. But we don't know what is good criteria of delegation. So, we introduce you some good tips about delegation.

- Explain exactly what your employees are being asked to do.

- Describe how you will evaluate employee performance.

- Grant the authority required to complete the task.

- Get acknowledgment that team members understand and agree to the assignment.

- Establish a system to reward outstanding performance.

- Check your employees' work.

- Fix any problems that arise.

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We hope that you will apply these tips to delegate tasks to your followers.

Delegation class is located under Settings class. This class has sub classes such as User Management, Mail Settings, SMS Settings, Report Profiles, Alarm profiles, Dashboard Profiles, Interface Profiles and Source Profiles. Most of these properties revolve around User management. Because administrator manage the server and delegate the tasks effectively by controlling the user permission. Enter the User Management interface please see the user information column.


By adding or editing a user account, administrator can delegate tasks and provide profile permissions to the staffs managing certain area. The profiles can be defined or created on each profile classes. Report, Alarm and Dashboard profiles have default profiles and this profiles give. In the example below, deltest is a Linux system administrator. When administrator provide permission to deltest he or she can restrict dletest's access radius except tasks related to Linux system. 

 The profiles above can be edited or created under the Delegation class. This profiles is a key that connect permission between the user authority and other interfaces such as dashboard and alert. Administrator will apply created profiles to the interfaces that will be created or edited. 

Moreover, Mail Settings and SMS Settings under the delegation class inform the network or IT manager about suspicious symptoms or critical security issues by providing required information.

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