Location Services

Location services provide you to prepare custom welcome pages or authentication methods for each hotspot profiles.

After you add a location with the network address and subnet of it, you can create a custom welcome page and authentication rules for the guest users that make connection from that network. You can add more than one if you have a few locations or networks that you want to make hotspot for them.

To add a new subnet, you can follow the steps below.


1- Go to Settings menu and open the tab of Data Input > Location Services. To add a new subnet, click on Add Subnet button.

2- You need to give a name to your location list first, and then you'll need to assign a name for the location that'll be used for hotspot rules later. After these, you'll need to add the network addresses and subnets. You can add more than one subnet for a location.

3- You can edit or delete the locations later.

4- After adding that you'll be able to add this location list to a hotspot profile. For this, you need to follow the path of Hotspot > Captive Portal > Profiles.

You'll need to insert a name to the profile first. After that you can add the custom screen and authentication rule to the profile as you can see above. You can add the location in the Location List field and then click on Save button.

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