Logsign Configuration Backup

Configuration Backup is a function Logsign offers. It can be used when you port the same settings of overall the Logsign to the new server or set the same settings after format your server. You can back up the configuration of Logsign including zookeper, username, password, reports and source list ect.

Note: The backup file you export will only be able to be bound with same version as current one. 

Warning: System will be restarted when backup file is completly imported.

1. Settings > General Settings > Config Backup



2. First, click "Export configuration" to backup the configuration file and you will able to see how the process is going. After a while you can download the file by clicking the file name starting with config_backup_date_version_info.tar.


3. Go to Settings > General Settings > Config Backup path in the server where you want to set this configuration and browse the downloaded configuration file and click "Import Configuration". When importing the file is completed system will be restarted to apply this configure.

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