The report filters are important to view more detailed information about a column result. So we need to be careful about selecting the filter columns while creating a report.

For example in a web usage report, you can group the report results by URL.Domain column. It'll show the most accessed web site results. When you click on one of them, it'll show the details of who, when, which IP address etc. accessed to that website according to the filter columns of the report. So that's why the filter columns are important for better reporting.

Logsign provides you the Fieldsets that contain predefined filters for your reports. You can add the fieldset that you want by one click while creating a report. We created some fieldsets for you with some categories, and also you can add yours.

1- To view the current fieldsets, you need to follow the path of Settings > Data Input > Fieldsets.

2- You can review the fieldset categories and the filter columns in this tab. You can edit or delete the one that you want.

To create a new fieldset, get to the bottom of the page and click on Add Fieldset button.

3- In the page that'll open, first you'll need to give a name to your fieldset. Then you'll need to add the filters that you want. When you finished to add the filters you can click on Save button.

4- After that you can select this fieldset or one of the other ones while creating a report. It'll show the result details by these filter columns.


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