Creating Report Profiles

Creating Report Profiles

Custom reports in Logsign are grouped into report profiles, and listed under the Reports interface category. A Report Profile can contain a combination of Edit and Delete reports functions. The Report profiles section is present in the Settings tab on the left navigation pane. By applying a new Report Profile to the process of creating report and user creation, you can be authorized to take a look and edit the reports.

Adding and Editing Report Profiles

Generally, profile properties are enabled according to the task of a character. Therefore, when you provide a profile name and properties you should consider whether the contents of profile match the role of the staff who will be assigned this profile. The process of applying a report profile includes several other tasks such as creating user account, and building report. This article describes ways handle the creating Report Profiles.

1. Go to Settings > Delegation > Report Profiles and you will see the Default Profiles. In the red box, There are property status of each profiles. 


2. Now, Let's create a brand new profile. Click "Add Profile" button on the top right side of Report Profiles List and provide information according to your profile plan.

The created profile is registered as a category in the Reports tab. By selecting the profile category, you can see the reports belong to the profile.





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