Creating Source Profiles

Creating Source Profiles

The Source Profiles includes information about device, device's log protocol and device's IP address properties related to the type of data source. Logsign supports using a Source Profiles when creating or customizing a user account in the User Management class. If your system is too massive to manage alone using source profiles will be able to reduce the burden on administrator by delegating devices to sub-group managers respectively. 

Adding and Editing Profiles

Source profiles are used in User Management to create or modify users account. After Source Profiles are applied to the user account you can check who manage these devices

1. Go to Settings > Delegation > Source Profiles and click "Add Profile" or "Edit" up to the occasion. 



2. Provide "Profile Name" and choose the devices that you want to include in this profile according to your delegation plan.


After creating or customizing user account process in User Management class, you can check who manage these devices at Settings > Data Input > Device List.

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