User Management

User Management

User Management is a key class for the administrator and a critical part of maintaining a secure system. Ineffective user and privilege management often lead many systems into being compromised. Therefore, it is important that you understand how you can protect your server through simple and effective user account management techniques. When you create an account, consider system efficiencies and the skills and business goals of your users, when you decide which options to include or exclude from the profile.

Adding and Editing Users

The process for managing users is straight forward. To add a user account, follow the next tutorial.

1. Follow next path Settings > Delegation > User Management, and click "Add User" 


2. First, Let's provide required information then take a look the cells in the red box. the properties in the box define the role of users. the general idea is really simple: Users represent an individual profile for an account in Logsign. Their role is indicated by what they've been assigned during account creation.


  • User Type : The type of user level
  • Pre Filter : According to the queries on the Pre Filter cell, Control the audience of the Search information. You can specify the query by checking and selecting query from report or customize the query by typing manually. If you need more information about query please follow this link  
  • Interface Profile : According to the selected profile, Control the audience of the Logsign interface such as Dashboard, Search, Report, Alarm and Settings.
  • Report Profiles : According to selected profile, Authorize the account user to edit or delete reports. When a reporter build a brand-new report he or she can control the audience of posting by setting the profile cell.   
  • Alarm Profiles :  According to selected profile, Authorize the account user to edit, delete and duplicate alarms.
  • Dashboard Profiles : According to selected profile, Authorize the account user to edit and delete dashboard.
  • Source Profiles : According to selected profiles, Control the audience of source information access. 


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