Downloading the Predefined Report Templates

After you finished a source integration, you can download unique and predefined reports for your device. Logsign provides many kinds of reports for your different types of sources as well as all your devices generally. 

Therefore you don't have to create reports by your own at first. You can download the predefined ones, and then you can create yours by reviewing these existing ones.

To do that, you can follow the steps below.


1- You need to open the tab of Reports and Analysis > Install Reports after you finished the integration. In this example we have added Fortigate and will download the reports for it.

2- In the window that'll open, you can see all the report blocks for all the devices. You can select the reports which you want to download, or categorize them from the vendor list on the left. You can select Fortinet to download Fortigate reports.

You need to click on Install button near the report block to download the reports. You can see the downloaded reports as Installed. You can also view the reports inside the blocks by clicking on the blocks.

You can see the reports of the vendor when you click on the vendor name on the left. You can also search the reports that you want by the search bar above.

3- After these processes, you'll be able to see the reports by going under Report and Analysis > Reports. You can select the report block and then the report that you wanna view.

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