Sending Reports by Mail

You can set the reports to be sent to the users that you select at the time you schedule. Also you can check if the reports have been sent or not with this feature.

NOTE: You have to set your Mail Settings before to be able to schedule your reports. You can follow this link to set your mail settings.

If you set up your mail settings, you can follow the steps below to schedule your reports.


1- Go to Report and Analysis > Report menu and then select the report that you want to schedule.

2- Then you'll need to click on the button as shown below to schedule the report.

3- In the window that'll open, you'll need to fill in the required fields.

Report Data: The day interval that the report contains the logs. (e.g. 1 day, 7 days, 1 month)

Export Type: The type of the report file that will be sent. (PDF or Excel)

Repeat: You can set the repeat interval of the scheduled report. You can select it as Once to send it just one time. Also you can select Every Day or Every Week.

Schedule Time: You need to select the first time that the report will be sent in this field.

Schedule Users: You'll need to select the users that you want the reports to be sent here. You need to set the mail addresses of the users in User Management before to send the reports to correct mail addresses. You can follow this link to see how to configure users from User Management.

After you finished to complete the required fields, you can click on Save button.

You can check the reports whether they've been sent or not from the menu of Report and Analysis > Scheduled Reports. Also you can schedule a new report from this menu by clicking on New Schedule button.

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