Logsign Data Backup with WinSCP

You can immediately back up Logsign data by using WinSCP.

WinSCP is an FTP client software program for file transfer to FTP server or secure SFTP server. You can follow the link here to download and install it.


1. First, Lunch WinSCP and click on New button.


2. Select your file protocol. When you are about to use SFTP protocol, select FTP and then choose one of the SFTP invocation methods. Then enter your Logsign host name or IP address to Host name field, username to User name and password to Password fieldsIf you save your session detail you don't have to type all the details in every time you want to connect. So press Save button and and Login.


3. Once you are connected to your account of FTP/SFTP server, you will see content of default remote directory. Now navigate the path including Archive and Signed log files in Logsign. The default path is opt/var/log.


You can simply drag the local files and drop them on remote file panel. Uploading will proceed. Once it finishes, you will see uploaded file in remote file panel.

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