Hyper-V Installation

Hyper-V, is a native Windows Server Virtualization hypervisor; it can create virtual machines on x86-64 systems.

Configuration :

1. Lunch the Hyper-V manager tool :

2. When the tool is lunched, click on "Conntect to Server" :

3. We are then prompted to enter the IP address of the remote HYPER-V server host, enter that then click on "OK" :

4. Under the "Hyper-V Manager", we can see that we are now connected to the server :

5. Before starting to configure the VM, we need to configure the proper network card and create a virtual one first.

6. In order to do so, select the Hyper-V server then click on "Action" → "Virtual Switch Manager" :

 7. Select "External" then click on "Create Virtual Switch"

8. Choice the name for the virtual network card then click on "OK" :

9. A warning message appears to let us know that Hyper-V is going to restart the network card, click on "Yes" :

Now we can start the configuration of the VM where we are going to install LOGSIGN.
10. Select the Hyper-V server then click on "New" → "Virtual Machine" :
11. A new window will be appear to begin the VM configuration with the Virtual Machine Wizard :
12. Type in the desired name for the VM we are going to create :
13. Select the default "Generation 1" option then click on "Next" :
14. Allocate "512 MB" of startup memory and check the "Use Dynamic Memory" box :
15. Select the virtual network card we created at the previous setps :
16. Choice the Location for the ".vhdx" file and allocate it minimum "100 GB" then click on "Next" :
17. Now select whether you are using a physical DVD drive or an ISO image :
18. At the end of this wizard, the configuration will be shown we have chosen for our VM. If everything is ok click on "Finish" :
19. Now we need to set the memory availability priority to our VM and in order to do so select the VM we just created then click on "Settings" :
20. Click on "Memory" then drag the memory weight bar to "High" :,
21. Now we are going to lunch the VM in order to start the installation process, select the VM then click on "Connect" :

Installation :

1. Now a little window will popup, click on the "Start" icon in order to start the VM :
2. The installation process is now starting :
3. In this step, enter the static IP address desired:
4. Enter the Subnet Mask for your network :
5. Type the IP address of the gateway for your network :
6. Enter the IP address for the DNS server desired, if you are running a local DNS server then make sure to enter the correct IP address :
7. Now the setup process has been started :
8. Once the installation process is done, the VM is going to reboot the system and the left step is to browse to the IP address you have chosen for your LOGSIGN setup via HTTP :
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