Bare-metal ( PC or Server ) Installation

Pre-installation :

Before installing Logsign, please Make sure the IP address that you'll assign to Logsign has no restriction on access to the internet. If you're using a firewall or UTM; make sure that the webfilter, IPS or Application Control modules don't prevent the internet access of Logsign. Because the Logsign system will update the version from internet during setup. On the logsign install process, the hard disk is going to be formatted. Please back up your files before installing.

1. Burn the DVD with the logsign iso file.

2. Insert the DVD disk and reboot the machine.
BIOS Configuration
1. While the machine is rebooting enter the BIOS menu ( keep pressing F9, DELETE or ESC keys ).

2. Navigate to the "BOOT" tab using the "←","→" arrow keys on the keyboard.
3. Depending on the BIOS menu which presented with, you will have to change the order of the CD/DVD to the top priority among the boot device list ( in general using "+","-" keys).
Once you save the changes and exit, the server will boot with the DVD as a primary boot device. After, installation process is going to be started :

Installation :

1. This is important, please make sure to enter an unused IP address at your network so that it’s going to be used by the LOGSIGN system :
2. Enter the correct subnet mask for the network where LOGSIGN is going to be installed :
3. Make sure to type the correct IP of the gateway host in your network :
4. Type the IP address of the remote DNS server, for a proper DNS resolution :

5. The setup is letting us know that it’s going to erase all data on the hard-disk in order to begin installing the new operating system.

  • If you are not sure about it then please select "No" and make sure if you have fully backed up all files from your hard drive.

6. Now the setup is completed and you only need to browse the IP address that you have chosen during the installation.

  • Please note that the default credentials are "admin/admin".

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