CheckPoint Integration ( LEA )

1. First, go to "Network Objects" then right click on "Nodes" then click on "Node" → "Host"


2. Provide the following information:

  • Name : "logsign".

  • IP Address : The IP address of the remote logsign host.

3. Go to "Manage" then click on "Servers and OPSEC Applications"

4. When a new windows popup, click on "New" → "OPSEC Application"

5. When another window popup, provide the following information :

  • Name : "lea".

  • Host : The previous host we created, "logsign".

  • Check on "LEA" on the "Client Entities" box then click on "Communication"

6. In this new windows we are going to type a new password, type it twice then click on "Initialize".

7. Once you are done click on "Install Policy" → "OK"

Logsign Configuration :

1. Go to "Settings" → "Device List" then click on "Add new source"

2. Select "Checkpoint" as source type

3. Provice the following information :

  • Host : the IP address of the remote checkpoint system.

  • Certificate Name : "lea", the name of certificate we created.

  • Certificate Password : "logsign", provide the password of the certificate we created earlier.

4. Scroll down the page and provide the following information :

  • Logfile : "fw.log"

  • Description : "Checkpoint XYZ", XYZ can be a meaningful names about the remote system.

  • Tag : "Checkpoint"



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