Windows Server WMI Integration

Server configuration :

First thing we need to do is to start the WMI service on the server side.

In order to do so please following the following steps :

1. Go to the start menu and click on "Run" :
2. Type "wmimgmt.msc" and click "Ok"
3. "Services and Applications"
4. "Services"
5. Right click "Windows Management Instrumentation" → "Start"

Logsign configuration :

Now that the WMI service is started on the server side, we can now go ahead and configure Logsign to connect to it and collect logs from it.

1. "Settings" → "Device list" → "Add new source"
2. Select "WMI" :
3. Administrator credentials
4. "Description" and "Tag" → "Save"
5. Test, click on "Search"
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