Calculating the Minimum System Requirements

It's highly recommend that the log management systems must require high system specifications. The reason is for collecting all the data without missing inside of the architecture and providing the most efficient data analysis.

Most of the companies that have their own hardwares, calculate on the minimum system requirements. In Logsign architecture, checking these requirements is also very essential before the installation. Logsign doesn't cause any limitations while collecting all the data. This is why these specifications must be calculated.

Logsign doesn't have an EPS limit for getting all the data from all the sources, so it guarantees to get all the logs without losing any of them. So it makes the calculation of the system specifications more important.


1) The Factors that System Resources Affect

In log management systems, each hardware source is used for separate tasks. So it's definable which service or event uses more system resources according to the intensity of the hardware or the job that is wanted to be done.

Likewise, when we see the other side of it, we'll need to specify the system requirements correctly to increase the efficiency of the services and the events.

  1- CPU: It affects the speed of the logs writing process to the disk directly. The more CPU you assign, the sooner it will process and parse the logs and then write them to disk.

  2- RAM: It's directly related to the visual usage of the system. The usage of dashboard and the system visuals affects the usage of RAM. Alert-correlation and reporting & offline reporting processes are also directly related to RAM usage too. 

  3- DISK: Disk space is directly related to keep the logs as well as the I/O performance. I/O values of the disks affects the read and write speed of the data. we highly recommend you to choice disks that have high I/O performance.


2) Logsign Recommended System Requirements


 !!! The system requirements may change according to the amount of the logs and also their intensity. Please contact to Logsign technical staff to get more detailed information about this !!!

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