V.4.4.362 Release Notes - 21/07/2017

New Plugin

  • HP IMC plugin added
  • Sophos XG Firewall plugin added
  • IceWarp Messaging Server plugin added

Plugin Updates

  • Elasticsearch plugin updated
  • IBM Lotus Domino plugin updated
  • Exchange Server 2013 plugin updated
  • Cisco ISE plugin updated
  • Brocade Network OS plugin updated
  • F5 plugin updated (syslog)
  • Aruba Controller plugin updated
  • Zimbra E-mail Server plugin updated
  • ProFtp plugin updated

General Corrections and Improvements

  • Nginx Improvements for security purpose
  • Added a warning feature containing information about the mini query in use and planned to be deleted
  • Details column modification for plugins
  • An issue related to deploying a setting to other nodes in cluster mode was fixed
  • System users password issue which was in the previous release note revised
  • A bug fixed in General Settings - Secure Access
  • Added EventMap.Info, EventMap.ID, Internal.IP, External.IP columns in logs sent by Demo Mode
  • Fixed a bug in Date & Range filter
  • Chekpoint multiple instance support added
  • SMB poller is supported by all versions (V1,V2,V3)
  • WMI poller updated
  • Event.TrackID column normalization fixed
  • Predefined alarm, miniqueries, reports and lists updated

General Settings(with New Features)

  • Added device list filter ability by enabled and disabled status of the sources
  • Added Custom Query ability to Ldap Integration feature which is used for LDAP users to be able to login to Logsign interface or Logsign captive portal
  • Added Last 24 Hours time filter

For Dashborad Module

  • Added a feature for Logsign Events to be monitored on dashboard (Add Widget -  Information Source: Logsign Events)

Data Management

  • The issue of occurrence of reindex job finish time in incorrect format was fixed

Assests and Behaviours

  • Fixed a bug in Lists related to IP-Network match type
  • Static list container bug fixed
  • List interface updates
  • Static bucket functions optimised
  • An issue related to int range in static lists fixed

For Reports and Analysis Module

  • For group_plus_histogram report type, prohibited to filter by date column (usage of date column is illegal for this report type)


In addition;

  • In this release, some ubuntu packages are updated
  • Contains update packages that fix system stability for Logsign

*We recommend you to make this update

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