V.4.4.344 Release Notes - 20/06/2017

New Plugin (with EventMapping)
  • MSSQL Error logs plugin added
Plugin Updates
  • Proofpoint plugin updated
  • A10 Thunder series WAF plugin updated
  • Extreme WLC plugin updated
  • Nginx plugin updated
  • FileZilla plugin updated
General Corrections and Improvements
General Settings(with a New Feature)
  • A problem occuring after system update and affecting the persist service was fixed
  • An error that caused to restart Hotspot captive services unexpectedly in systems without Hotspot license was fixed
  • In cluster systems, fixed an error that caused the persist service to restart on only one server in cases log compression feature is turned on under the Data management - Persist Policy
  • Alert rules and behaviours are now disabled by default
  • XML support for SMB,one of the log source addition methods, added

For Reports and Analysis Module
  • An error that caused to not be sent e-mail by scheduled report was fixed
In addition;
  • In this release, some ubuntu packages are updated
  • Contains update packages that fix system stability for Logsign
*We recommend you to make this update
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