V.4.5.255 Release Notes - 24/11/2017

General Corrections and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug related to Zookeeper and Elasticsearch health-check feature

Dashboard Module

  • Fixed a minor bug in Edit Menu on Dashboard Module

Data Management Module

  • (NEW) Updated Reindex Jobs progress bar (Added count of matched logs with reindex query)
  • Optimized Reindex feature (by increasing the speed)

Alerts Module

  • Fixed the issue of saving alerts when Run Days & Run Time fields unfilled (in case of Custom is selected)

Assets and Behavior

  • (NEW) Added filter ability to Lists by types

Hotspot Module

  • Fixed a bug in Captive radius

Data Input Module

  • Fixed source stats redirection in Device List
  • Fixed the issue of source was not transitioning to Passive state when it is disabled
  • Mini Queries has been separated as User defined and (System) Predefined

Delegation Module

  • Fixed a bug caused delegated user to be logged out of Logsign in some cases
  • Removed Duplicate feature in alarm profile because it is no longer used


In addition,

This release may be contains:

  • Update packages that fix system stability for Logsign
  • Update packages for Ubuntu OS

*We recommend you to make this update.

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