V.4.5.232 Release Notes - 31/10/2017


  • (NEW) SAP Sybase ASE plugin added
  • (NEW) Comodo Korumail plugin added
  • SFTP poller updated
  • Paloalto plugin updated
  • Cisco switch plugin updated
  • Microsoft Server 2008 plugin updated
  • Microsoft DNS plugin updated
  • Fortiweb plugin updated
  • Checkpoint LEA plugin(event mapping)updated
  • Eset Endpoint plugin updated
  • Arbor plugin updated

General Corrections and Improvements

  • (NEW) Added Checkpoint integration (for adding new custom action device)
  • (NEW) Added Openvas integration (for adding new vulnerability device)
  • (NEW) Added Arvento integration (for adding new source/device)
  • (NEW) Added browse feature for Archived and Signed logs
  • Optimized Threat Intelligence updating threshold
  • Optimized reindex feature
  • Optimized web session mechanism
  • Fixed a bug that prevent System Users password to be changed in General Settings
  • Updated "Add New Device" interface in Device List section
  • Updated cluster mode architecture

Dashboard Module

  • (NEW) Added a new dashboard category into predefined dashboards
  • Fixed a bug that caused dashboard categories not to be installed
  • Fixed a bug that caused dashboard profiles not to be shown in the profile list when creating new dashboard

Reports and Analysis Module

  • Fixed a bug that caused the report update window to remain visible on the page after press the Apply button
  • Fixed bugs in HTML and PDF report exporting


In addition;

  • In this release, some ubuntu packages are updated
  • Contains update packages that fix system stability for Logsign

*We recommend you to make this update


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