V.4.5.5 Release Notes - 23/08/2017

Plugin Updates

  • Aruba Clearpass plugin updated
  • Aruba Controller Plugin updated
  • Tnetwork VirusTotal plugin updated
  • Zimbra Mail Server updated
  • Apache ModSecurity WAF Plugin updated

General Corrections and Improvements

  • Oracle poller updated
  • Smbclient UTF 8 support added(in order to receive events which contains UTF 8 characters from SMB sources)
  • Control mechanism of health check period, fixed
  • Added character support(bracket, star etc.) to columns to be able to query WMI log sources correctly

Data Input Module

  • Added "User Credentials" feature to Data Input section so that the users which used on all log sources are to be able to added and listed centrally

Alerts Module

  • Added "Always" and "Custom" time options feature to "When to perform" section in New Alert Rule page
  • Lists/behaviours purge mechanism updated
  • Names of Alerts and Lists will be unique
  • Some minor optimizations performed on Lists/behaviours

Reports and Analysis Module

  • Issue of "names of the reports configured with Multiple Schedule Report appear empty in Exported reports page" has been fixed
  • Column scaling bug on report page has been fixed
  • Added report sorting feature by date, name and type to "Exported Reports" page

Delegation Module

  • Fix- "List Profiles" web page not to refresh automatically when be deleted any of existed list profiles
  • Fix- Users which is not assigned "Alert Events" permission on "Interface profiles" can enter "Alerts" page for a few seconds and then auto logout process occurs
  • A minor optimization has been performed in List Profiles for more effective use

In addition;

  • In this release, some ubuntu packages are updated
  • Contains update packages that fix system stability for Logsign

*We recommend you to make this update

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